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“Work of art restoration”


RAM: quality that every Riva owner can trust

RAM has inherited the Riva yard’s methods and techniques, which explains its comprehensive know-how and unrivalled boat servicing experience. As in the days of the classic Rivas, today’s yacht owner knows that this is the key to maintaining their boat’s value through the peerless expertise of an in-depth consultancy service.

With over 1,000 craft restored to pristine condition since 1957, RAM is your absolute assurance of authenticity and reliability, through the Riva Classiche programme. Now as then, from fibreglass to wood, this is what sets it apart:

  • a team of young craftspeople, carpenters, painters, mechanics and finishers who are constantly learning at the past masters’ hands
  • a systematic approach to refurbishment, to tease out any hidden defects or potential problems
  • the finest materials and best suppliers, with an inventory of premium wood that has been seasoned for years
  • daily follow-up by the technical manager, the guardian of the mission never to compromise on quality, safety or reliability
  • the matchless experience to make the right decisions, tailoring the project step by step to both the boat’s and the client’s needs
  • assuring a fair price for all the work done, given everything it takes to achieve the most durable solution

The Riva Classiche programme by RAM is Riva’s way to maintain and cherish its legendary masterpieces.